31 Days of #RealSchoolFood: Tis’ the Season for Citrus

The price of citrus fruits, like clementines and grapefruit, looks pretty good in the produce aisles these days. That’s because citrus season is really kicking in high gear, especially for mandarins and oranges. Sunkist® has a great Seasonality Calendar listing a wide variety of refreshing citrus options and their peak seasons.

Everyone can benefit from a little extra vitamin C and other citrus nutrients right now – since colds and flu are also in season. Need a super EASY, super REFRESHING smallish gift for friends or coworkers? RD colleague Sarah Chellberg shared this Orange Wreath idea with me last week and I love it. You could, of course, make this wreath from any fruit – alternating red and green apples would be quite festive too. All you need is some plastic wrap and ribbon!

Simple citrus wreath

Simple citrus wreath

Or how about a Rudolf Orange? All you need are some citrus fruits, edible markers (available at most hobby stores, and some bits and pieces of ribbon, pipe cleaners and other wrapping/craft leftovers. These are simple enough for children to make themselves!

Rudolf the Red-Nosed Orange

Rudolf the Red-Nosed Orange

This fun Snowman Fruit Snack is also simple enough for children to make. A variety of other fruits and veggies could be used to make the hat, face and scarf – just let your fruit-tastic imagination go wild!

Snowman Fruit Snack

Snowman Fruit Snack

Need more ideas? Visit the School Meals That Rock Christmas Food Fun Pinterest board!

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