School Meals Are Rockin’ PINTEREST

TOP FIVE REASONS why Pinterest is perfect for promoting school meals:

  1. Social media trends are all about more visuals and fewer words. Sounds like the ‘power on pictures’ on the School Meals That Rock Pinterest page to us!
  2. You can go to just one board, like School Lunches That Rock, and see an inspiring array of school lunches from across the USA in one place.
  3. You can click on one link and see the truly incredible food being served in one district, like ITSMeals at Provo School District.
  4. Need some fresh ideas for serving food at school? See dozens of ideas on School Veggies That RockSchool Fruits That Rock or 40+ other boards.
  5. School Meals That Rock makes it easy and fun with our new district boards. We create a group board for you – and you pin as many photos as you want (we’ll re-pine the best of the best to our other boards too).

You get the advantage of our hundreds of followers – and we get to showcase the fabulous variety of foods served in schools today. Want ‘on board’? Just leave a comment or send a message to – you’ll be up and pinning in no time!

Join School Meals That Rock on PINTEREST!

Join School Meals That Rock on PINTEREST!

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