SUPER Breakfast, SUPER Oatmeal, SUPER BOWL Challenge

For the first time ever SCHOOL MEALS THAT ROCK is offering some SUPER PRIZES – for your participation in FUEL UP TO PLAY 60 SUPER BOWL BREAKFAST CHALLENGE.

From November 5th through December 3rd, you will have the chance to win one of FOUR $50 GIFTS CARDS from the NFL Gift Shop. All you have to do is check the weekly questions on FACEBOOK School Meals That Rock and post your answers – and, of course, get your school excited about entering the FUEL UP TO PLAY 60 SUPER BOWL BREAKFAST CHALLENGE. Rules for entering the challenge are pasted below and on the FUTP60 website.


  • Respond to this blog post with a BREAKFAST or OATMEAL comment … or post a BREAKFAST or OATMEAL comment on FACEBOOK: School Meals That Rock or on Twitter @SchoolMealsRock.
  • Every week, a winner will be drawn randomly from all those who post an answer to the weekly question.
  • You may post as many different answers as you like on FACEBOOK: School Meals That Rock or on Twitter @SchoolMealsRock.
  • Winners of the gift cards – and a selection of answers – will be posted here throughout the month of November, along with FUEL UP TO PLAY 60 resources and success stories. 

This week’s questions is a simple, but critical, one:

  • In your own words (25 or less), why is OATMEAL an awesome breakfast food for students and teachers?  

NOTE: The gift card give-away is sponsored by FUTP60, a partnership of the NFL and National Dairy Council Although I do consulting work for National Dairy Council (and dairy affiliates across the US), I am not receiving any compensation for participating in this contest.

Students enjoy oatmeal breakfast bar at a FUTP60 Youth Summit

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, and it can be the most fun, too! How do you want to fuel up your school with oatmeal? Propose your big idea for an awesome breakfast event at school, and your school could win big…SUPER BOWL big. If you are selected as one of the TWO national winners, you get a VIP, all-expenses paid trip to Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans! Your school will also get to turn their idea into a reality! So, what are you waiting for? Show us how you want to enjoy oatmeal at your school! Tips for creating a ‘Super Bowl’ worthy submission:

1. Design a fun proposal. You can use one of the templates provided to describe your suggested breakfast event. Photos and drawings are optional. You can also submit a video or digital recording of your proposal. Your event doesn’t have to occur in order to be eligible for the prize – we’re just looking for great ideas! 

2. Request an Oatmeal Starter Kit. To get you excited for the challenge, we’re giving away free oatmeal! Ask your Program Advisor or Teacher to request a kit for your school. Supplies are limited, so hurry!

3. Be creative. If you need suggested ideas for oatmeal events, your school could do: a recipe cook-off, taste-test, or a breakfast club. Think big and have fun – the options are endless. You could have a toppings bar, or add food color for your favorite NFL team! You can get bonus points for NFL flair!

4. Get to work! Use the templates provided or grab a digital camera/video recorder and show us how your school wants to enjoy oatmeal to start the day. 

5. Keep it clean. Make sure there is no swearing, violence or other inappropriate behavior featured in your submission. 

6. Be original. If you want to include music in your submission, don’t use music, videos or pictures that belong to someone else. If you could hear it on the radio or see it on TV, it can’t be used in your submission.

7. Watch the clock. Try to keep your entry short and sweet!

8. Promote the program. Wear Fuel Up to Play 60 gear or show us your inspirational posters or other Fuel Up to Play 60 materials hanging in your classroom.

 9. Be descriptive. Include a description with your entry, letting us know why you think it completes the Challenge.

10. Be on time! Don’t want until the last minute to send in your Challenge entry! Be sure to get your entry completed and uploaded online as soon as you get it done. This ensures you will be in the running for the national prizes and exclusive digital rewards!

Good luck, fuel up and get moving! And remember, we’re giving away tickets to Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans and the chance to turn your idea into a reality! 

YUMMMMMMY … it’s oatmeal for breakfast!!